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Cs Washington Homework Courses Education

The Paul G. Allen School at the University of Washington provides a premier educational experience to undergraduate, graduate, and multidisciplinary students in computer science and computer engineering fundamentals, problem solving, and innovation, and lifelong educational enhancement for working professionals. Through educational leadership, research and innovation, intellectual partnerships, and community outreach, we seek to measurably improve science scholarship, commerce, and society.

The Allen School offers the following degree programs:

We provide opportunities for K-12 students and teachers through the DawgBytes outreach program.

CSE participates in inter-disciplinary programs on campus and provides courses to majors in other departments.  For example:

Our off-campus offerings include:

  • More than three dozen Certificate Programs, enrolling nearly 5,000 students annually
  • Support for the Computing & Software Systems programs at UW's branch campuses in Bothell and Tacoma

Non-majors have access to many computing classes, as well. These courses are open to all matriculated students at UW who meet the course prerequisites. Non-matriculated students may enroll on a space available basis.

We are committed to diversity in our community.

All questions regarding the content of homework assignments, their due dates, or request for extensions should be addressed to your instructor.

Prior to submitting assignments, please refer to the course syllabus for information about how to submit assignments. Your instructor may request that you submit assignments by an electronic tool (E-submit) on the course website, email or fax to the instructor, OR email or fax to EDGE Materials Handler.

How to submit homework assignments

Be sure to use the correct contact information for the EDGE Materials Handler (EMH) office.

Information to include (email):

Subject line
Include student's name, course abbreviation and number, and the homework assignment number. For example: John Smith, AA 450, HW # 1.
Include number of pages in the homework attachment.
Homework PDF Attachment
  • Ensure document is readable. Our office delivers directly to the instructor via email. If your homework is unreadable when scanned it will also be unreadable when your instructor receives it.
  • Label and number every page.
  • All homework assignments submitted via email must be sent as a PDF.

EMH will reply to your email to confirm receipt of your homework. The EMH inbox is checked hourly. However, please note we are only able to send confirmation of receipt during regular business hours Monday-Friday 8am-4:30pm PST.

We highly recommend keeping a copy of your homework sent.

Tips for scanning documents

If scanning a document please pay attention to the scanner settings. The default settings of many scanners often create extremely large files that take much longer than necessary to download and print.

  1. Set the color to "black and white" or "2-bit depth" if possible.
  2. Set the dpi (dots per inch) level at 150-300, depending on what looks legible.
  3. If writing in pencil, or the writing is very light, put the scanner on a darker setting.

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