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Unadvertised Job Cover Letter Sample

Dear Ms. Damon

As an experienced hair stylist I’m well aware of the salons in the area and your new salon has gained an immediate reputation as being high-end high quality and customer service oriented. While I am currently employed the lure of working at a salon like yours is strong and I am writing in the hope that you’re still looking for experienced stylists.

In my current position I am a senior stylist with over ten years of experience. In addition as a colour specialist I conduct training classes for the rest of the staff. I’ve attended seminars and demonstrations sponsored by hair products companies like Sally Hershberger Redkin Farouk Alberto-Culver Avida and TIGI and would bring that expertise to your salon.In addition to my cosmetology license I have earned an associate’s degree in business administration which would enable me to bring both my creative talent and my business acumen to support your salon.I look forward to your call to discuss any possible openings your may have. I would be able to bring a large and loyal client following to add to your growing client base. In doing my due diligence I’ve scheduled an appointment with Kim on the 14th and would welcome the opportunity to meet in person at that time.

Thank your for your time and consideration.


Sheila Smith

You should read the cover letter sample for an unadvertised job before proceeding. Most job hunters struggle with writing an unadvertised cover letter sample because there isn’t a posting listing the skills and experience the company is looking for. Cover letters are a necessary part of the job application process, and they need to be strong and to the point. Otherwise, they may be glossed over quickly.

Make a personal introduction that catches and maintains the reader’s attention. Be personable and professional, but skip the strict formalities. It is more effective to tell a dramatic, interesting personal story about yourself that is related to the job to get immediate attention.

When starting your unadvertised job cover letter, you must adjust the job title in the template for each cover letter. Never use “To whom this may concern” as that is very impersonal. Locate the hiring manager’s name and use that instead.

Avoid spending too much time talking about a personal experience without showing how it relates to the job. Be very direct and specific on how your education, experience, and skills relate to the proposed job description, even though it is unadvertised.

Offer to do some problem solving for the company. Obtain information about the company to gain valuable facts about its culture, needs, and standard employee procedures. Tie your knowledge and skills into the company’s current employee needs and let them know you understand its business culture. Compliments are a great idea, just don’t go too far with them.

Finally, make a strong pitch for yourself, but don’t sound conceited or pompous. It’s okay to mention your best accomplishments and unique skill sets you possess that could help the company. Just make sure you concentrate on what the company needs, not what you desire and want.

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