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Essay About Video Games Effect On Children

The Negative Effects of Video Games Essay example

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When videos games were first available to consumers and brought into homes it was to serve the purpose of entertainment. Now since the evolution of gaming unfortunately a new purpose has been served. A survey conducted by the firm at game spot concluded that gamers in the United States spent over 13 hours playing video games weekly.
Although current gaming systems may help increase motors skills, there have been many problems associated with excessive video games. It’s clear that this new wave of video games have a negative effect on the youth.
Among those problems is obesity. Many activities that should be done outside, thanks to gaming have now been modified to a remote and sensor. In my own home I have seen how video games could…show more content…

This leads to a lowering of the child's metabolic rate, making weight gain more likely.
Parents could easily prevent this by giving their children time limits when playing video games and encouraging them to go out and play with friends, or take them to the park.
Along with obesity violent behavior has been deemed as another video game related problem. Violent video games have been linked to antisocial and aggressive behavior in children and adolescents. Maybe it all started with the Atari console titled “Combat” in which you were tasked with blowing up your closest friend (or whoever you invited over) with a tank, missiles, or jet. Then again it could have been something else, but no matter what videogame first began shaping our impressionable minds, one thing's for sure - violent videogames increases violent thinking, attitudes, and behaviors. Video games such as Teken, Grand Theft Auto and Call of duty promote violent behavior. One of the primary concerns with violence in video games is that gaming is not passive. In order to play and win, the player has to be the aggressor. Rather than watching violence, as he might do on television, he's committing the violent acts. Most researchers acknowledge that this kind of active participation affects a person's thought patterns, at least in the short term. (Violence and video games ) Allowing children to play games with shooting, robbing and killing is almost sending the message that it’s okay. Another

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Effects of Video Games on Children and Teenagers Essay

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Effects of Video Games on Children and Teenagers
In recent years, technology has developed very rapidly. This has led to many arguably both positive and negative changes in our everyday lives. One such change was the increased accessibility of personal computers and gaming consoles as well as the introduction of numerous video games. Due to their entertainment value, these games gained popularity among children and teenagers. Although many concerns have been voiced related to playing video games, especially those that are violent, [e.g., increases in aggressive behavior in children (Anderson & Bushman, 2001)], this paper will argue that certain video games also have beneficial effects. They should thus be played by children, teenagers and…show more content…

For example, in first person shooting games, players are required to both act quickly and to keep track of multiple factors such as their location, the location and speed of the target. Furthermore, players can move and shoot simultaneously, which increases the difficulty of the task. Our brains receive these inputs from the environment, process all of this information while simultaneously coordinating with our hands and fingertips. This is not an easy task. Indeed, research documents that video-game playing is associated with higher visuospatial abilities (Ferguson, 2007) and better hand-eye coordination (Griffith, Voloschin, Gibb, & Bailey, 1983). This has important real life implications. For example, a study of surgical residents and physicians by Rosser and colleagues (2007) demonstrates a correlation between video game skills and laparoscopic surgical ability (errors made and completion time).
Another category of video games is MMORPG (which stands for massively multiplayer online role-playing game). These games give individuals the opportunity to play with many other people via the Internet. In those types of games, players interact with each other and must collaborate in order to complete quests and collect items. MMORPG teaches players to cooperate and helps develop teamwork and leadership skills. Names of famous MMORPGs are World of Warcraft, Star Wars the Old Republic, Skyrim, etc. Despite the abovementioned positive aspects of video games, there are also

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