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Musician Biography Assignment Template


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Set the stage for high-interest reading with a purpose through a biography project. Students work together to generate questions they would like to answer about several well-known people, then each student chooses one of these and finds information by reading a biography from the library and doing Internet research. Students create a graphic organizer (a web) to organize the facts they have found and share what they have learned about their subjects through oral presentations. Students evaluate themselves and their classmates by using a rubric during the research and graphic organizer-creation process and by giving written feedback on one another's presentations.

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Bio-Cube: This planning tool can help students organize their research; use it as an extension to the lesson and have them outline the lives they' researched before writing their own biographies.

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International Reading Association. (2001). Comprehension, Part II: Text Comprehension. International Reading Association's Summary of the (U.S.) National Reading Panel Report "Teaching Children to Read." Retrieved October 1, 2003, from http://www.reading.org/General/CurrentResearch/Reports/NationalReadingPanelReport.aspx.

  • By using graphic organizers, students write or draw meanings and relationships of underlying ideas. This has been shown to improve students' ability to recall content.

  • By summarizing information, students improve in including ideas related to the main idea, generalizing, and removing redundancy.

  • By working in cooperative groups, students may increase their learning of reading strategies through peer discussion. They may also lead to better comprehension.

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Music Appreciation Jazz and Blues Artists
Research Project

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Below, I've listed some resources and directions for how to find information. Please stop by the Library and ask if you are having trouble finding information.

*Online Resources:
Kids Music Corner
*from here click on "Types of Music" and scroll down to "Jazz" for an overview of the genre. Click here for the direct link to the Jazz overview
*from here click on "Composers" then "Jazz Artists" to see if your artist is listed. Click here for the direct link to some Jazz artists
Don't worry if your artist is not listed on this website. Use other resources to find information. ASK if you need help.

Grolier Online
*In your internet browser (Safari, Internet Explorer, etc.) go to http://go.grolier.com
*Log in: Username: tech, Password: football
*Type your keyword(s) in the Find It Fast box and click Search (Image 1)
*There will be tabs at the top of your results screen for you to use to choose from a variety of sources (articles--same as what you'd get from a database search, news stories, fast facts, magazines, etc.) Click on the appropriate tab to see the results for each source (Image 2)
*Would you rather listen to the information? Click on the "Turn Read Aloud On" link, double click on a sentence and LISTEN! (Image 3)

*Access the Destiny Library Catalog from the Library website and choose our school.
*Click the catalog tab on the top left and do a keyword search for your artist.
*Note the call number and availability of the book and then find it on the shelf.

*Follow the steps above for a book search and perform a keyword search for your artist in the Library catalog. Notice in the top right that the "Titles" tab is selected as the default. To access our databases, click on the "One Search" tab and then click "Get Results." When you find a database that looks beneficial to you, click on the green "Show" check to see the individual articles.
Bonus!!: At the bottom of each article is an already formatted citation for you to copy and paste into your Bibliography.

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