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Confucian Asia Leadership Profile Essay

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Academic Info: Religion
Comprehensive directory of online resources for the study of religion, tailored to college and advanced high school students. Extensive links to online reference material, digital archives, and societies and organizations.

Ancient China: The Later Empire: The Sung, 960–1279
Introductory page on the Sung dynasty, the confucian revival, and neo-confucianism, with links to related articles. From the award-winning World Cultures Web site, maintained by Prof. Richard Hooker at Washington State Univ.

China the Beautiful
Collection of pages on various aspects of Chinese history, culture, arts, language, and literature. Numerous images (such as portraits of emperors), audio files, time lines, maps, and excerpts from classical Chinese texts. Maintained by Dr. Ming L. Pei.

Chinese Culture: Texts
Substantial collection of Confucian, Legalist, Taoist, Buddhist, and other Chinese texts in English translation. Bibliographical documentation; some introductory material. Maintained by Prof. Paul Halsall of Fordham Univ.

Chinese Philosophy: Taoism
Article on Taoism (Daoism) linked to other articles on Chinese philosophy from the award-winning World Cultures Web site, maintained by Prof. Richard Hooker at Washington State Univ.

Confucian Documents
Elecronic texts of the works of Confucius and other early religious classics. Part of the Internet Sacred Text Archive, a Web site promoting religious tolerance.

The Confucius Publishing Co., Ltd., of Hong Kong offers the full text of Confucius's 'Lun Yu' (Analects) and other Confucian documents in 16 languages, including English. A biography of Confucius and an image archive are also provided.

EAWC: Ancient China
A part of the Exploring Ancient World Cultures site, Ancient China offers an anthology of primary texts, secondary essays, maps, a chronology, and a bibliography.

Library of Congress / Federal Research Division / Country Studies / Area Handbook Series /China
Scholarly handbook, part of the Area Handbook/Country Studies series of the Federal Research Division of the Library of Congress. Provides information (as of 2006) about the history, culture, economy, and sociopolitical structure of China.

Maps of Asia
Part of the Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection at The University of Texas at Austin, these pages present a large collection of political, geographic, historical, and other maps of Asia and its countries and regions.

Brief article on Mencius linked to other articles on Chinese philosophy from the award-winning World Cultures Web site, maintained by Prof. Richard Hooker at Washington State Univ.

Resources for the Study of East Asian Language and Thought
A variety of scholarly materials for the study of Asian religion and philosophy, including translated classics, annotated links to online texts, and related Web sites.

Thomas More
Brief profile of Thomas More, with a portrait, a time line, a list of Internet resources, and a bibliography leading to a searchable electronic text of 'Utopia.' Part of online materials for a history of philosophy course at Oregon State University.

Virtual Religion Index
Well-organized annotated indexes of extensive religion- and theology-related research materials. Covers numerous Western and Eastern religious traditions. Maintained by the Religion Department of Rutgers University.

World History Archives
A list of links to an impressive collection of resources to support the study and teaching of world history and history in general. Many of the sites listed include searchable databases.


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