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Essay About Book Fair In School

Importance Of Book Fair In Student Life

Learning is a vital process in the life of human beings, which facilitates their development. To achieve this goal, one has to adopt different ways of acquiring knowledge and book fairs provides unlimited benefits. A book fair is a gathering with a display of various kinds of books for book lovers to browse and buy while the authors get the opportunity to meet their fans. Book fairs offer numerous benefits to the life of a student.

First, a book fair provides a feast of books that motivate a student. The presence of a variety of books creates a fascination with books and an interest in reading. Students can walk to a fair, browse through different materials, and choose the topics that captivate them the most. The presence of a wide array of subjects such as poems, books on history, geography, arts, culture, novels, cookbooks and stories among others, diversifies a student’s reading and learning. Thus, it makes them open and accommodating to different subjects and classes in their school experience. Moreover, for students aspiring to be authors in the future, fairs provide a decent opportunity for motivation towards their dream; learn the process of publishing of books and gaining fast hand inspirations from favorite authors.

Secondly, book fairs instill love for reading that lasts forever. Books are an integral part of an individual as they provide company, accentuates one’s interests and are a good friend. The exposure gotten from attending book fairs is through access to a whole new world through the different array of books, insights into life, advice, entertainment, life and other topics in the world. The knowledge and broad information acquired from the books elicit a desire and interest to read regularly. Hence, a student becomes a regular reader that influences positively in their learning process.

Book fairs expose students to new things. Reading of books presents a student to discoveries, new information, ideas and a way of thinking that helps to solve problems. With these, a student becomes adequately equipped to identify and deal with arising issues in their life, access more books that ease their understanding of educational concepts that makes them exceptional students and aids in developing new hobbies and interests. Moreover, the fairs expose them to a world of publishing, marketing, and creative writing.

The imagination of students inflates through book fairs. The limitation of an individual’s abilities is through their visualization. Diverse books accessible in fairs describe and offer in-depth insights into various worlds that a person is not acquainted. Accordingly, they provide an opportunity for expanding of the imagination of students, by presenting a different array of books that describe the different worlds. Through an expanded imagination, students’ creativity broadens improving their creativity in writing, designs, arts, and development of projects in schoolwork.

Book fairs boost a student’s memory. When a student engages in a continuous reading of books, they get more information and ideas to motivate thinking, creates an environment of understanding and gaining insight into the brain keeping it active. Consequently, this results in sharpening of memory and enlarging of the learning capacity that consequences in the ability of a student to capture and remember more educational materials learned in class with ease, and improving their test taking skills.

Through book fairs, a student can access books that are difficult to locate or out of print. The festivals bring together books enthusiasts, authors, and publishers together in the interest of books. Hence, when a student has an interest in a book that is hard to access, the author or publishers come in handy in making this possible.

Book fairs offer more than access to books to students. They expose them to different cultures, connect them with favorite authors, develop their interests in reading and motivates them. Therefore, students should strive to attend book fairs.

A Visit To A Book Fair

Last year, a book fair was held at Ludhiana. It was organized in the playground of a local college. Different publishers had put up their stalls and displayed their books/publications in these stalls. A large number of publishers including some international publishers like Prentice Hall of India, Orient Longman,  Macmillan, Oxford University Press, Pearson Limited, etc. were participating. Thousands of book-lovers and teachers and students from various institutions all over the state visited the book fair. Special concessions were given to teachers and libraries. Books on almost all subjects under the sun published by a variety of publishers could be seen under one canopy indifferent temporarily set-up shops. May attractive gifts were also being given with bulk purchases. I visited the fair for 3-4 hours every day and made purchases. I could get some rare books in the fair. The fair provided and excellent opportunity to one and all to buy the books of their choice at one goes. Such book fairs should be organized every year in all major cities of the country.


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