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Goofy Challenge Corral Assignments

In February, when I registered for the Dopey Challenge, it all seemed so far away.  All of a sudden, it’s within reach.  It’s now only 3 weeks until the start of the 2018 WDW Marathon weekend including the 25th anniversary of the WDW Marathon and 5th anniversary of the Dopey Challenge!  The excitement, and runner anxiety, is building, and is palpable on social media.

The much anticipated event guide was published Tues, December 12th, and the waivers and corrals for the half, full, Goofy Challenge and Dopey Challenge were posted on December 13th.  For those keeping track, exactly 3 weeks from the start of the Marathon Weekend Expo. They are all easily found at the WDW Marathon Weekend page at RunDisney.

This year, there are fewer corrals, which has everyone in a tizzy.  According to the event guide, each corral will be released in mini-waves.  I’m not sure why they opt to do this, rather than just have more corrals with fewer runners in each, but it will probably work out the same either way.  Perhaps it’s less expensive to have fewer corrals, as it would require fewer volunteers, less equipment, and perhaps, fewer fireworks (although that would be sad, since the fireworks with each corral release are a runner favorite of Disney races).

Here’s a peek at the Dopey Corral assignments.  Based on my proof of time (I submitted a half time of 2:21) I’m in corral D.  This is surprising, although it really puts me solidly in the middle of the pack, with more than 5000 runners expected to take more than 5 hours to complete the full based on their proof of time, and about 3900 who anticipate finishing in under 5 hours.  Of course, we’ll all probably take significantly longer than our proof of time indicates, because of the two “D” words.  Disney (character stops and fun) and Dopey (fatigue and a wee bit of crazy).  Based on this, it looks like there are 9516 people running the Dopey Challenge.

The course maps were also released, and can be found in the event guide. They are pretty much the same courses as in the past few years.  Although the half and full courses will be different for me, because when I ran the half in 2013, the course did not go through the new Fantasyland, and now it does.  Yay!

The beauty of social media is that now, people who don’t know each other, but belong to virtual running groups, can arrange meet ups with those who are also in their corrals, and have someone to experience the race with.  Some have coordinated group costumes for each race, as well.  Even if you are a solo runner for a particular race, you’ll find someone to run with at a Disney event if you want to.  And they might just become a fast friend, too!

For most runners, this weekend is the last long run or mini-Dopey simulation before the taper begins, as it will be 3 weeks from the date of the half/full marathons. I’ve adjusted the mileage I intend to do this weekend multiple times, based on what I’ve read, how I feel, and unfortunately, the weather.  My primary goal these next 3 weeks is to avoid injury and illness!  With the holidays right before Marathon Weekend, it’s easy to fall off the training program, get run down, and risk injury.  The cold and snow/ice has forced my shorter runs indoors on the dreadmill, and a persistent cold and cough has presented challenges as well.  I’m hopeful it will be safe enough to get in my last long run of 15 miles this weekend outdoors, and my body will recover enough before race weekend.  It should.

Now, to start packing!

Are you going to WDW Marathon weekend?  What are you looking forward to the most?


Like this:



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As they say, the ish is getting real! This week we will see all the details coming from runDisney. 2018 Disney World Marathon Corrals, Waivers, Courses, & Event Guide are here!



Alright, let’s get this party started! 2018 Disney Marathon Weekend Corrals, Waivers, Courses, & Event Guide are out now and that means you can (really) start obsessing about the race weekend.

Here’s everything you need to know for the 2018 runDisney Marathon weekend at Disney World.


2018 Disney World Marathon Corrals, Waivers, Courses, & Event Guide


First, get your waiver here. Download and print the waiver and it will give you your bib number (lower right-hand part of the form).



Check your bib number against the corrals listed in these images.

Sorry, 5K and 10K runners; corrals are not released for these races.

Important to note: corrals are very different this year! Wave starts within smaller corrals means you want to go ahead and arrive in your corral EARLY.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!


Half Marathon



Full Marathon









Event Guide

Everything you could possibly have questions about can be found in the Event Guide here.

Mostly. If it’s not, leave me a comment and I’ll do my best to help you out!


Spectator Locations

Check out this Disney marathon cheer locations suggestion post.

We’ve covered all the main places that we have cheered or think are good locations to cheer from!



Course Maps

Where are you running? If you’re doing the marathon… EVERYWHERE!

Though not through Pandora as it was possibly suggested. But still a great course- PRable if that’s your wish!




Half Marathon







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