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Verbal Essay

Use of Verbal and Nonverbal Communication Essay

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One thing we all have in common is that we must all communicate in one form or another. Everyone communicates even if they know it or not. Both verbal and nonverbal communication is used during conversations. Using both forms helps convey and support the message you are trying to send. Up to 90% of all communication is nonverbal. Most communicators use body language, gestures, and facial expressions during conversations as well as using words. Nonverbal communication is more likely to be used than verbal. Most people perceive people by their first appearances without conversing. An example of this would be if Susie wore dress shirts and skirts to class while Betty wore t-shirts and pajama pants. On first sight someone may perceive…show more content…

Aware of it or not, both girls outfits are communicating with nonverbal communication. Another example is the light that controls traffic. No one has to be reminded that you are supposed to go on green because it is a memorized action. The green light on the traffic light is just nonverbally reiterates you to accelerate. Sometimes nonverbal communication may be perceived in ways it was not intended to be. Often this type of communication has one or more meanings. An example would be at a wedding, guests may not be crying because they are sad but they may be happy. Everyone recognizes nonverbal messages in different ways. In order to verbally communicate language is needed. Using the English language we use sounds, words, and grammar to send a message to another person. The words have meaning and use grammar to set guidelines on the structure. We learn how to use sounds to form words that have definitions. We use these words to form sentences to help explain the thoughts and ideas we want to send to another person. We use language as a bridge to carry our thoughts and ideas from the mind and brain to oral messages. On occasion verbal communication can be confused with an unintentional meaning. Occasionally people say words they do not know the correct meaning which will confuse the listener. Other time words have the same sound but different meaning such as the two words: fore and four.
In conclusion, nonverbal and

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Verbal Communication
Communication of all types can be found everywhere. It does not necessarily have to be spoken or oral, it can be found in verbal and nonverbal forms. This is especially true in the areas of the criminal justice system. Communications can be found in equipment, reports, phones, in roll call, or everyday operations. For police officers and other members of the criminal justice system, communication in some form or type can always be certain. It may be in the form of verbal communication, such as roll call, talking with the public, talking to peers, inmates, administration, or supervisors.
It is said that nearly 70 percent of one’s time is spent communicating (2009). Officers or those appointed by the department, talk…show more content…

When testifying the officer should be able to answer in a clear and audible voice with recalling or stating just the facts. He or she may also want to remember to present themselves as a professional and to look and act as one. Not only is his or her reputation at stake, but the department also.
For law enforcement personnel who work inside the correctional facility, communication techniques can be a critical part of the job. Officers must be able to talk to their peers, and inmates. The ability to be an active listener, understand, read and write clearly and to follow verbal and nonverbal orders are very important. There may be issues at time among inmates that may cause a barrier of communication. Some of these barriers could include the disruptive inmate, a language barrier, such as a foreign language or a deaf person. There may be the inmate that may cause tension between the officers and others. There are many factors to consider on how to communicate within the correctional setting. There is the use of daily reports that must be filled out by officers. There has to be a clear understanding by the officers and other employees of operating procedures. Incident reports that are fact based must be filled out by officers involved. As with police the correctional officer must also confront inmates and vice versa. The officer should at all times be careful of the nonverbal clues used. This would include his or her emotions at the time, the way he or she stands, or

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