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Biomimicry Research Paper

Biomimicry is the study of emulating and mimicking nature, where it has been used by designers to help in solving human problems. From centuries ago designers and architects looked at nature as a huge source of inspiration. Biomimicry argues that nature is the best, most influencing and the guaranteed source of innovation for the designers as a result of nature’s 3.85 billion years of evolution, as it holds a gigantic experience of solving problems of the environment and its inhabitants. The biomimicry emerging field deals with new technologies honed from bio-inspired engineering at the micro and macro scale levels. Architects have been searching for answers from nature to their complex questions about different kinds of structures, and they have mimicked a lot of forms from nature to create better and more efficient structures for different architectural purposes. Without computers these complex ways and forms of structures couldn’t been mimicked and thus using computers had risen the way of mimicking and taking inspiration from nature because it is considered a very sophisticated and accurate tool for simulation and computing, as a result designers can imitate different nature’s models in spite of its complexity.


Research Paper Guidelines/Steps


Read through the following information, answer all of the questions, and complete the work each number asks. You may do your work on this document or in a separate document. When you are done turn it in on Google Classroom.


Guiding question:

 How is biomimicry used in design to help solve problems and increase sustainability? a. Use this question as a guide when writing your research paper. Take this question and narrow it down. For example: How has biomimicry helped us (or will help us) produce food? 2.


 Now that you have chosen a topic, you must do some research. Your sources must be credible! Use the tables below to help you determine if a source is credible or not. On the next page, cite your sources and for each one, discuss how they are credible.

 I recommend that you write down your source and takes notes under it so you know where you got the information

. Factors to consider Least reliable Possibly reliable Most reliable Type of source Unfamiliar website Published material Official websites, institutional sites, academic journals

 Author’s background

Uncredited Educated on topic Expert in the field Date published None Outdated Recently revised Depth of review Controversial reviews Good public response; general approval Peer-reviewed by reliable sources Sources cited None Credible sources Citations referencing other well-cited works Objectivity Clearly biased Sponsored source Balanced, neutral Credible Not Credible

• Journals by authors respected and well known in

their specific fields or peer-reviewed journals

• Websites from credible institutions like Mayo Clinic,

Department of Justice, and University-affiliated institutions

• Materials published in the last ten y

ears (when more recent information is available)

• Websites: The more information available, the

more credible the website. There is a specific author, the audience is clear, the purpose is informative not biased, and the information is regularly updated. Also look for websites ending in .edu and .gov.

• Blogs, facebook posts, or other self authored sites

• Research articles without citations

• Websites with information not from an author or

governmental department

• Materials published over 15 years ago or have

theories that are clearly out-of date

• W

ebsites: There is not much information available. If the purpose is not informative but may have other motives, like to persuade, the site may not be credible. The website is not regularly updated or the author is unreliable. 3.

Write a thesis statement:

 You should now have a good idea about the direction of your paper. A thesis statement is a sentence that tells briefly and clearly the central idea of a whole report or

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