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Sample Essay For Sports Day

Sports Day - Personal Narrative Essay

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Sports Day - Personal Narrative

That afternoon was no different, it would seem, to any other. The lessons were dull and lifeless with the same dry teacher droning on about the same old rubbish. However, as we sat listening to the monotonous speech a small, sweet glimmer of hope lay wide awake behind our hot, tired façade.

Sports day was coming. Our restlessness would soon be relieved. The small group of teachers who knew how to push passion into their lessons could sense the excitement. They were using the events to get out of teaching for the afternoon and they lazily let the class enjoy the TV. We watched ‘Chicken Run’ although I could barely concentrate. How could I? We were in year 6 at…show more content…

Energy, I needed to conserve it. I was running all the way around our huge, green field and I knew that squandering energy on a dash to the pavillion would be foolish.

I immediately slowed to a snails pace and took deep, refreshing lung fulls of air. This meant I was last into the pavillion; the last leg before the bang of the gun and the rush of hot and panting bodies. I entered the pavillion and fought against the urge to jump, shout and run, the result of two hours being couped up in repetitive and dull lessons.

The pavillion could better be described as a dilapidated and cramped shack, that was thought to spaciously change, however the reality was it fitted only about twenty. The other people would have to change in the middle of the floor, with no bench or peg. This was now my predicament, I found a space next to one of the many radiators that succeeded in being hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Perfect.

Before long I found myself walking into the bright sunshine and I squinted my eyes against its blinding glare. The heat hit me as soon as I stepped out asnd soon I was feeling very hot and clammy. Not ideal for a long-distance race.

As usual with every year I had forgotten about the long, hot wait before my race began. Like animals, we were forced to sit on the dry ground with no shade. And so I quickly began to envy

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Quick Tips For Writing An Essay About Sports Day At School

Sports day is the favorite day for most students. After the hours of competition and camaraderie, it is only natural that teachers as their students to write an essay about their experiences for the day. Fortunately for students, many teachers let their students pick the type of essay, so they can pick from narrative, expository, argumentative, and descriptive.

Narrative Ideas

One of the most effective ways to write a sports day paper is to write a narrative of the day. Since most students have an action packed day, it is easy to write a thorough narrative paper filled with vivid verbs and a chronological recalling of the day. These are fun to read, too. Teachers like to see what each student did and how they performed at their various activities. Some students will write about the entire day, while others might focus solely on a single event.

Describe in Great Detail

A descriptive paper can also be enjoyable to write, especially for students who really enjoy focusing in on the details. When students take the time to write about the sights, sounds, smells, and other sensations of a sports day, they can create a highly memorable piece that could be more poetic that essay-like. It is best to focus on one event, a person, or a place and to break the one thing down into the smallest and most creative parts imaginable. Trying to fit the entire day into a descriptive paper would be overwhelming to write with interesting details.

Explain Why Sports Day Exists

An expository piece could focus on why schools have sports days. Even though many students enjoy the day of play and competition, there are always students who would prefer to do something artistic or academic instead. Students could focus on why sports day exists and whether or not it should continue to do so. They will need to explain the necessity of the day. They could include quotes from students and school employees. They could also look at what other schools do for sports day.

Argue Why More Sports Should be Added

Lastly, students who like to argue could always look at reasons why different sports should be added or subtracted from the day. They could argue that schools need to have more sports days or that they simply need to offer more opportunities for active play. This topic is wide open for students who enjoy the day, absolutely hate the day, or are somewhere in between, but want something to change or remain the same.

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