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Dev 501 Programming Assignment #5

This is first time i am going to write article on any Salesforce Certification. This time it is about “How to Pass Salesforce Dev 501 Certification”. I have already received many request on how to prepare for this certification.

Dev 501 certificate in Salesforce will validate that how comfortable you are as a developer with Apex and Visualforce ? In order to get Dev 501 Certification, Developer needs to go through 3 Steps :

  1. Pass Multi – Choice Exam
    • 69 Questions, 73% Passing
  2. Complete Assignment if you pass Step 1
  3. Essay writing
    • Need to answer 3-4 questions regarding your design in assignment to validate that you have written code. If you are confident, you can give Essay before submitting Assignment also. This step also needs to complete in Proctored center like Step 1.

After these steps, You will get final result in 4-5 weeks.

First, you have to go through below three Guides in very detail, I would suggest you should go for second round also before 2-3 days of exam.

  1. Apex developer Guide
  2. Visualforce Developer Guide
  3. Salesforce Migration Guide

Below are the Topics to focus more (MUST) for preparation.

  1. Order of Execution of Trigger
  2. Which Trigger gets fired in Merge Operation ?
  3. Read about Undelete Trigger.
  4. How to Test Triggers ?
  5. How to reduce ViewState ?
  6. What is MVC ?
  7. How to create Custom Component ?
  8. How to Test Email Services ?
  9. What is sequence of execution of Visualforce in GET Request ?
  10. Sequence of execution of Visualforce in POST Request?
  11. When to use Package, ChangeSet and Force.com Migration tool ?
  12. How to use Visualforce Template ?
  13. What is supported in <apex:attribute> tag ?
  14. How to use Dynamic Apex, Dynamic SOQL and Dynamic SOSL ?
  15. What is Script Limit, DML Limit, Sandbox limit and so on…
  16. How Exception class works?
  17. There were many questions on System Log (Developer Console).
  18. Very good understanding of Static variable and Global class.
  19. How to create REST request and how to test it.
  20. When to use Visualforce Template and what are drawbacks of it ?
  21. How Visualforce properties (Getters and Setters) works ?
  22. Considerations for Constructor ?
  23. How to create Controller Extensions ?
  24. Difference in System.AssertEquals, System.Assert ?
  25. How to get 100% Test Coverage ?
  26. Read about SOQL Clauses like FOR UPDATE, ALL ROWS .
  27. File names of ANT Migration and there usage ?
  28. How to delete something using Migration Tool ?
  29. When to use Sandboxes and when to use Developer Account ?
  30. How to add custom (Create Visualforce) button on List Views ?
  31. Difference in <apex:Actionsupport>, <apex:ActionFunction> and <apex:ActionPoller> ?

And, there were many questions on other parts. I would strongly suggest to read all 3 PDF specified above.

Note :I will not reply to any comment regarding actual / sample questions. I would be more than happy to help and suggest on any topics specified above.

As Peter Chitum suggests in his well read article, The Path to the Advanced Developer Certification, when you do finally pass this arduous certification process you should, “Say it loud, say it proud“….

So, I am happy to announce that today I was informed that I have Passed the Advanced Developer Assignment and I am officially an Advanced Developer.  YEAH!!!!

It took me one year longer than I expected, but it was very much worth the wait…and all the fuss. Actually, I am glad it was so hard to get. It makes getting it more worthwhile.

Several years ago, I went through both the Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD) and Microsoft Database Administrator (MCDBA) certification tracks, which were also long and exhausting. But, I have to say that I am a little prouder to have achieved this latest Salesforce certification. Even though the number of exams was less, I felt like the one Advanced Developer exam I did take was much more exhaustive in what it tested. I also was never tested with a programming assignment, which ensured that I followed best practices.

I also have to admit that I spent a lot more than the suggested 20 hours on my assignment (60 hours to be exact), but that is just because it was so important to me that I passed. I agonized over everything and questioned myself a hundred times. Glad I did now. I also dedicated an entire week towards doing it (with no other distractions). I think that helped a lot and I would suggest it to anyone else taking the exam (if you have that option).

Good luck to anyone else working the track. Stick with it and read, read, read…


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